Excel Group Celebrates their 10th anniversary serving clients
in the US, Canada and the Caribbean

Recently Excel Group celebrated their 10th anniversary overlooking the city with a wonderful view from the 54th floor at Canoe Restaurant. With team members coming together there were many memories to be shared, as well as the odd roast of Chief Performance Officer Chuck Reynolds.

Says Reynolds, "I think the success of any organization is in its people. I feel really blessed to work with a great team which is more like a family. In addition to that, we serve some great clients who often become friends as we grow together over the years. It never feels like work when colleagues and clients are passionate about what they do."

Chuck was also serenaded by advisor,
 friend and colleague Doug Roberton, with
 a rendition of Amazing Grace, titled
 "Amazing Chuck - How you have grown"

 "Having known Chuck for more than 15
 years now, I can say that Excel's success
 comes from his integrity and passion for
 helping people. Oh, and of course, having
 great advisors" says Roberton, with a


Our thanks to all clients and subscribers - We consider it an honor to serve you.

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