Gold Medal in Relationship Management

 As the Olympics unfolded in Vancouver, millions of eyes from around the world were watching the outcomes of the various events. Regardless of their respective sports, there is one thing that each and every athlete had in common – they all had coaches. Some had one, many had more than one. A number of the top coaches have worked with a variety of athletes in a specific field, and will tell you that they need to be able to work with each athlete a little differently in order to get the best results.

Likewise, as a team member or manager, you can be more effective and reduce conflict in working with others. If you are familiar with our Team or Management programs with DISC, you’ll recall that each behavioural style has unique communication preferences.
  • With someone who is ambitious, forceful, strong-willed (high D/ red), you should be clear, specific, prepared and to the point.
  • With someone who is magnetic, enthusiastic, friendly and demonstrative (high I/ yellow), use a warm, friendly approach and a fast pace.
  • With someone who is patient, predictable, reliable and steady (high S/ green), you should begin with a personal comment to break the ice, and use a calm tone.
  • With a person who is neat, perfectionist, careful and detailed (high C/ blue), prepare your information in advance and provide facts and data to support what you have to say.
If you can learn to work with or manage others in a way that connects with their behavioural communication style, you’ll win Gold.


Chuck Reynolds, Chief Performance Officer
Excel Group Development

The last year has been like a tsunami for the global economy. Who would have thought ten years ago that GM would be facing bankruptcy, or IBM would stop making PCs? Without question, today's global economy and rapid pace of change are creating many challenges that organizations must rise to. There is one thing that hasn't changed much, however - organizations don't achieve results... people do.
Because of this, a primary challenge is the identifying, hiring, engaging, developing and retaining of talent in a manner superior to that of the competition. If you are not rising to this challenge, simply put, your organization will not compete effectively for employees or customers in the long run.
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Last month we asked to hear your best advice on Success in Leadership and Personal Achievement. We want to thank everyone who responded - there were some terrific comments. Some of the advice received included:
  • Really have a passion for what you do, or don't do it
  • When you chase success, you'll never find it. When you chase your passion, success will find you.
  • To achieve success, two things are required before action can be taken:
    1) To reach your goals, you have to know what they are and what the determining factor(s) for success are. There's no sense looking at a map unless you know where you're going.
    2) You have to make the conscious decision to be a Leader. This means accepting ALL accountability for what the task entails. This is a personal choice to accept the leadership role, which has nothing to do with job profiles, descriptions or duties.
Congratulations to the first responders who received a complimentary behavioural profile link for a friend or family member.


Business is a contact sport. The more contacts you make and keep, the more you succeed.

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