Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.

         -  Stephen R. Covey





















On the topic of Leadership… 

              What's the secret?  

A year ago, while in Phoenix , a colleague asked me if I’d heard about “The Secret.” At the time,I admitted I had been asked that before, but I wasn’t yet “in the know.” 

Interestingly, while I was waiting to catch a flight home, I saw someone who I’d met some twenty years ago. Coincidentally, he is one of the contributors to The Secret, and has been on many talk shows, including Larry King.


At the end of the day, the secret of success for many top leaders is not so much a secret as it is a Discipline.

The Discipline is in their own personal leadership. 


If you want to coach/ lead others to sustainable performance, deep down you know you need to lead yourself effectively first. Your success in leading others emanates from your thoughts and actions that create good habits of how you lead yourself.  


In a blackberry-driven culture, effective leaders master this challenge with 3 major disciplines that form the foundation to unlock their leadership skills, talents, and personal success:  

1)   Personal Recreation - Sustaining their own personal high energy level through regular physical activity (run, swim, cycle, walk, gym workouts, etc.) This allows for the endurance so foundational to the pursuit of worthy personal and professional goals through inevitable obstacles.

2)   Personal Rejuvenation - Regular rejuvenation and reflection times alone, to ponder events in context and create plans and direction. In biblical times, even Jesus was known to get away from the crowds to spend time up on a hill and reflect.

And finally... 

3)   Personal Reengineering - After reflection, develop a propensity to implement necessary changes to get, stay, or get back on track with your goals. This discipline keeps you sharp and flexible. As Peter Drucker says, the best way to deal with change is to create it.  

With responsibility for leading yourself, how are you doing in these 3 disciplines? Assess yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in these three areas of:  

1) Personal Recreation - Are you working out enough? Consistently?

2) Personal Reflection - Do you regularly allow time to reflect? (See the book Thinking for a Change, by John Maxwell) 

3) Personal Reengineering - What changes that would have significant positive impact for you will you commit to implementing?


To enhance your personal leadership, plan regular Recreation, Rejuvenation and Reengineering to sustain ongoing achievement. 

In the Spirit of Growth, 

Chuck Reynolds


Chuck  Reynolds is a Principal and Chief Performance Officer with Excel Group Development a Performance Solutions firm that assists organizations in enhancing management and team  effectiveness. He can be reached indirectly  by emailing our admin group. Insert 'ATTN Chuck' in the subject area. Visit them at www.ExcelGroupWorks.com 

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