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In 1879 Thomas Edison filed his patent for the carbon filament lamp and direct generator for incandescent lighting. This past summer Germany took the lead in banning 100 watt incandescent light bulbs. In this case, what was new in 1879 is outdated in 2009. In our world, when it comes to such things as cell phone and PC technology, what was new 18 months ago may be outdated today.

When you think about your life - professional and personal - what would you like or need to change?
With the impact on the global economy over the last year, we've seen an increase in bankruptcies as well as stress. At the end of the day, our biggest challenge is to change, to adapt. If you're in leadership, you're also challenged to lead others in adapting. Peter Drucker said, "The best way to deal with change is to initiate it." For some adversely impacted, change may mean getting a new job, or changing careers.

Self directed, proactive change is much more satisfying and less stressful than simply reacting to a rapidly changing world around you. By setting goals, we initiate and influence the direction of change for our lives. If you are in management, you help your team the most when you also coach them to consider improvement goals that contribute to the organizations and their job fulfilment. Each year, if you take the time to consider your own goals (areas you would like to change), you'll be ahead of the curve. What will you strive to change? What new skills will you strive to learn? Lead yourself first, and take yourself to the next level.

P.S. Below we have included some interesting articles to contribute to performance growth, as well as a couple of books we are reading at Excel Group. Enjoy!

 The last year has been like a tsunami for the global economy. Who would have thought ten years ago that GM would be facing bankruptcy, or IBM would stop making PCs?  Without question, today's economy and rapid pace of change are creating many challenges that organizations must rise to. There is one thing that hasn't changed much, however - organizations don't Read more...
Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation

Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't: Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think... See the video, here.

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Our CPO, Chuck Reynolds will be giving the keynote at this years Toronto chapter conference of the International Coaching Federation, on November 7th at the Old Mill. Read more... 

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Whatever else is going on in your life, it's important to keep learning and discovering new information on a regular basis. Below you will find some of the titles that have caught our attention and are currently being read in the Excel Group head office. They are available at your local bookstore, or online:


Talent on Demand by Peter Cappelli

Executives everywhere acknowledge that finding, retaining, and growing talent counts among their toughest business challenges. Yet to address this concern, many are turning to talent management practices that no longer work, because the environment they were tailored to no longer exists.

Living in the Now
is the newest installment in the best-selling Wake Up and Live series. Featuring content by Chuck Reynolds, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne Dyer and more. Click on the book to read more, and see how to get your own copy.

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If the rate of
change outside an organization is greater than the rate of change within, then the death of that organization is certain.

 - Jack Welch,
former CEO, GE










Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant
- Horace






Leaders learn by leading, and they learn best by leading in the face of obstacles. As weather shapes mountains, problems shape leaders
- Warren Bennis