Chuck Reynolds
Chief Performance Officer, Excel Group
Change: An opportunity to
reflect and rebuild

A few weeks ago I was on a plane, departing from Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. As we became airborne, I could see the Pentagon below, as I had many times before. It's the world's largest office building, with over 6.5 million square feet, dedicated in 1943. After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the Phoenix Project was charged with rebuilding the structure. Today, the structure has been fully repaired, including a small indoor memorial and chapel located at the point of impact.
As we look to the new 
year, organizations worldwide have been faced with significant need for change. Consequently, managers and associates at all levels have also faced much change over the last year or two.
For some organizations and individuals, this is a time of rebuilding. Change may seem disruptive, but the thoughtful planning we put into the rebuilding can ensure that we emerge stronger for it. As we remember veterans of past and present conflicts, may we honor them with a spirit of continual rebuilding and growth in all that we do - especially through these challenging times of change.


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What will you resolve to do differently in the coming year? What do you wish your boss would do differently?
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